Creating a Quilt, Part 2 — Finalizing the Design

In my previous post, I walked through the initial design process I used to create the quilt Prairie Grasses I started with this photo, drew sketches to simplify the design and started on looking at value studies.

My first two value studies, shown below, were of the original sketch.  I liked each of these, but I thought it would be more interesting to combine them in some way.

I started by converting the grayscale images to greens so that I’d have a better idea of the final design.  Then I started combining the images in different ways.

For the two options below, I combined the designs in different sizes, alternating the two different value schemes.  (Since I’d done the sketch in Adobe Illustrator, I was able to quickly make changes and see lots of different options.)

With this next one I alternated the value schemes, but kept the design size consistent so that the grasses extended across the entire design.

I rather liked this design, but I frankly had no idea how I’d be able to make this into a quilt that wouldn’t take forever to piece together.

I started over, using circular cut-outs rather than rectangles.  After playing with a number of options, I settled on the two variations below.

I liked both of these designs, sort of night and day versions, and I decided to make a quilt from the design on the right.

In my next post, I’ll go through the process of constructing the quilt based on this design.

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1 thought on “Creating a Quilt, Part 2 — Finalizing the Design

  1. WOW! That is amazing. I also preferred your last 2 designs using the circles…both of them. Good for you, just being able to choose which one of those two design to make. I have Corel Draw and really should play with it some to see if it would help me with designs too. I haven’t learned to use it yet, LOL. I’m using Photoshop Elements 10 to help me with designs and I love the effects I can get with it….I haven’t yet finished a quilt art piece using one of the designs yet, but I do have one of those designs, in progress, on my design board now. I’ve colored the fabrics for it, but haven’t started the construction part yet. Now, I really must get going on it or it will never get finished. I’m finding it more fun to play with designs than to actually make the quilt art. I must move beyond that. Thank you for sharing your process. It’s inspiring.

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