Eye of the Quilter

I was happy to learn that my photo “The Fossil Hunter” will be part of the Eye of the Quilter exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in a few weeks.

The photo is of my nephew Mike which I took while we were on a fossil hunting expedition at an Illinois state park.  Mike had a great time running around to find the biggest rocks he could carry.  Even though we didn’t unearth any fossils, we had fun exploring and digging.


A fossil hunter needs sharp eyes and a keen search image, a mental template that subconsciously evaluates everything he sees in his search for telltale clues. A kind of mental radar works even if he isn’t concentrating hard Richard E. Leakey

When out fossil hunting, it is very easy to forget that rather than telling you how the creatures lived, the remains you find indicate only where they became fossilized.  — Richard E. Leakey

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  1. Congratulations. I love the photo of your nephew, Mike. I would love to see the exhibition in Houston’s International Quilt Festival. I also have a photo that was selected. I would love to see all of them.

    Diana Bracy

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