Sam’s Baby Quilt

Some friends had a baby recently and I knew it was a great excuse to make a quilt.  I’d created a fabric design of interlocking blocks which could be personalized with the baby’s name, so I used that–Samuel Addison–as well as other words with significance to the parents, like Hoosier, baseball, Sox and clown, in creating the fabric design.

Here’s a portion of the printed fabric.

I wanted a coordinating fabric for the other side of the quilt, so I drew some fun circles and used the same lime green for the background.  I designed both fabrics using Adobe Illustrator which gave me the flexibility so size them to fit the fabric.

Here’s the fabric with the circle design.  It’s a yard of cotton sateen printed at Spoonflower.

For the quilt, I used a full yard of each of the designs — no piecing involved.

Here are a couple detail shots of the quilt.

And here’s the completed quilt.

I just shipped the quilt to Sam yesterday, so I hope he likes it.

But you get past that and realize you have to let go of what you think you want. There’ll be plenty of time for that later. Right now, go and be with that baby. Just play with this beautiful little boy.
Paul Reiser