Chicago Architecture

Chicago Architecture

8″ by 8″. 2009. Rust-dyed fabric and photos printed on fabric. The photos are all buildings in Chicago which were then manipulated in Photoshop.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Architecture

  1. This quilt (or one like it) hangs on my living room wall. I purchased it at Quilt Festival in Houston last year at the Alzheimer’s booth. I didn’t realize I own a piece by such a prolific and talented artist. Buying it motivated me to make some donation quilts also.

    • Beverly- Thanks, it’s so cool to hear from someone who bought one of my quilts. It’s great that you’ve made some donation quilts too. Seeing the first Alzheimer’s exhibit (Forgetting Piece by Piece) was my inspiration to start making donation quilts, and now I keep getting ideas for new ones.

      Take care. Jean

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