Three Daffodils — Another Small Quilt for AAQI

I’m trying to finish up all the small quilts I was working on for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative since 2013 will be their last year of fundraising.  This one is in memory of my father who grew thousands of daffodils.

I started with this photo of some daffodils in a mason jar.


Using filters in Photoshop, I simplified the photo.


When printed on fabric, the photo came out a bit darker than the original file.  Here it is, partly quilted.  I ended up picking out the stitches in the lower right corner and redoing them.


Pulling fabrics from my stash of hand-dyes, I played around with different options for the background fabric, and here are a couple of them.


Here is the final quilt.  Three Daffodils measures about 9 by 9.5 inches.


Here’s a photo of my father, Charles Schroeder, taken by my mother, Marion, around 1950.



We lived in a rural area.  Our house didn’t have electricity, running water, central heat or a telephone. It was heated with coal using an iron, pot-bellied stove that actually got red hot when it was going full blast. We sifted the ashes to salvage any coal that went through the grates. Without electricity or running water it’s obvious that we didn’t have inside plumbing; therefore, we had an outhouse.  Every year we had a big garden.  We also raised chickens and at one time we had geese in the back yard.  We had about an acre and a half.  The school that I went to was a two room school with two teachers. There were five students in my class.
— Charles Schroeder, on his childhood in the 1930’s

Yesterday I started an aquarium.  I went down to the creek.  I got some water plants for it and a tiny turtle and a crawfish.  The crawfish got away.  After supper I caught another big turtle.  It was crawling along the sidewalk.  I call the big one Andy and the little one Lightning.
— Marion’s Journal, June 21 1934