Sunset Over Wisconsin Quilt

This weekend I wanted to try to make a more improvisational quilt than I’ve been doing lately.  I thought I’d try to use up a lot of the smaller pieces of fabric I had leftover from previous projects.

In particular, I wanted to use of some of the leftovers from A Walk with Sparky, shown here on my design wall.

I started cutting these up and sewing them together with some hand-dyed fabric scraps, just matching colors I liked.  I started arranging them into longer strips on my design wall, but I still wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Still without a real plan, I cut some of the pieces and started sewing them into stips of similar colors, light values at one end, progressing to darker values.  I was still envisioning this as a vertical arrangement.

When I finally turned the strips horizontally, I realized it looked like a sunset over the farm hills of Wisconsin.  I kept the quilting very simple–just echoing some of the curves.  Here’s the finished quilt.

Sunset Over Wisconsin